I recently got back from a two week vacation to visit family in California.  We had a great time and our kids loved every minute of it too.  During the down time I worked on a video project with Ruby.  She came up with and laid out a story line, pushing all of the pieces she cut out into position.  Together we made a stop motion film by taking a picture of every position change of her pieces to tell the story.  I put the pictures together to create the video.  She was very patient with the process and I could tell she loved it.  She has creative talent, her teacher at school says she takes her time and puts her whole effort into any coloring or craft project.  It seems that time is going too fast with our kids.  Pretty much everyday Patria comes to find me to tell me about a funny or charming interaction that just happened with the kids.  After the kids go to bed we love to exchange stories of the cute things they did or the conversations we had with them.

The video is very short but pretty sweet.  I also included a photo of Ruby holding one of Grandma and Grandpa’s chickens and a photo of the kids with Patria and one of Ruby and some friends in the lo`i.






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