About two months ago we bought a house here in Hawaii.- a total fixer upper.  I decided to take a month off blogging and not do as many photo shoots so that I would have time to fix it up myself.  That month has come and gone and I am still working on the house, while balancing photography work and family life.  I have been going crazy because I have a lot of shoots to post but just haven’t had the time.  Here are a few shots from one of the recent weddings on the North Shore  and a water shoot with a fun couple.

I will aslo be posting some before and after pictures of our house,  I have been documenting the whole experence.


  1. I really want to see pictures of your house. we never bought a house but it’s a good thing. Now I’m working as an RA so we don’t pay rent. we’re trying to save money so that in a couple years we’ll be better prepared to buy a house.

  2. Your work is BEAUTIFUL Mark. I come to your site and look every now and then. Enjoy that fixer upper!!! Mine is going on 9 years , we are almost done. Be patient with it, it is hard to balance everything.

  3. Thanks Tracee, I really hope this dosn’t take 9 years, but I am learning that a house is never really done.

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