My wife’s brother was here for a couple of weeks for work.  In the evenings after work he conceived of and did this stencil project in my studio/ office that is still under construction.  He and I have done stenciling together before.  Joe is a really talented, creative guy.  Here is the image that Joe used as the inspiration to create the stencil.  For those unfamiliar with stenciling from scratch, this was a pretty ambitious stencil to create.  The image and accompanying quote are Jacques Cousteau.  This is the perfect piece of art and source of inspiration for my work space.  The video is freeze framing with a GoPro Hero cam.  Joe coined the quote at the beginning.  My son was getting over the flu so he makes a cameo in the frames, as does our dog.


  1. That is seriously seriously cool. I bought a cool stencil book with lots of templates earlier this year and have never used it. This makes me all jazzed to finally put it to good use! Awesome you guys. Wow.

    1. I LOVE it! And I love how you put him over the waterheater? awesome. 🙂

  2. We attended the State Fair today and heard a photographer talk about photo shooting. He is a friend of Melodie and Rex’s. Look up his web site gugelman photography in Rexburg. He travels all over the world. I gave him one of your cards. He said he sometimes has requests for Hawaii weddings and can’t get away to do them. You might want to email him. Love the Jacques Cousteau stencil.

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