So most of you that check my blog regularly know that I am much better at photography than writing.  So I decided to ask Katie Speed one of the girls below to be a guest blogger and talk about our shoot at Melaekahana Beach Park.  Make sure to check out her etsy site, she is an amazing artist and full of style.  Enjoy.

First a bit about myself, my name is Katie Speed, I was born and raised in Las Vegas but now live in Hawaii.  I have my own little family consisting a husband and a baby girl.  I graduated from BYU with a BFA in fine arts where i did lots of oil painting.
I’m the one in the pictures with the brown top with flowers by the neck.  I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my Etsy shop lately.  It’s called Pretty Swell ( where i sell fabric flower garlands and other fabric flower items.

A few years ago  the 5 girls in these pictures all met in Hawaii and became friends quickly.  True friendships are a rare thing… how about 5 TRUE  friendships at once!    We do lots of things together and one of them is surfing.  Life got going and before we new it we were all pregnant and one of our dear friends was moving away.  We all regreted not taking the time to get some pictures of us all surfing together.  Earlier this week, as a birthday present, our dear friend Shira returned to Hawaii to visit us!  Having always wanted pictures of us surfing together we decided to book a water session with Mark to try and capture what it’s like to surf with 5 of your closest friends (a really good time!)  The shoot was a good time we set up some of the shots but mostly we were just goofing off and having a great surf session.  It was a great way to sort of document this time of our lives and our strong friendships.

Malaekahana Beach Park Hawaii Surf Photography from Mark Lee on Vimeo.

Hawaii Surf Photography Laie Oahu 01Hawaii Surf Photography Laie Oahu 02
Hawaii Surf Photography Laie Oahu 07Hawaii Surf Photography Laie Oahu 04Hawaii Surf Photography Laie Oahu 10Hawaii Surf Photography Laie Oahu 06Hawaii Surf Photography Laie Oahu 05Hawaii Surf Photography Laie Oahu 08Hawaii Surf Photography Laie Oahu 11Hawaii Surf Photography Laie Oahu 03


  1. This was such a fun day. Thanks Mark! Katie forgot to mention that Meg (the one in the black and white striped bottoms) is pregnant. She rocks! Her baby is going to be so stoked to see these.

  2. OMG, I love love love this, you are all so cute! All of you up at the same time, and posing! Great job Mark, love the vintage feel, you rock!

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