Today our family went on our first sail of the year.  I have a Go Pro cam that we take with us sometimes so here is a little bit of our footage in a very short vid I made.  This is one of our favorite family activities.  A lot of times when we go there are extra hands on deck to help us rig it up but today it was just me and Patria.  She was my sassy sailor as she helped me take down the main sail and lift the catamaran up the bluff on the beach.  As we were rolling up the sail I asked her to straighten up the battens and she didn’t know what those were which brings on the sassy.  We had good times and hit up Kaya’s afterwards for musubi and mochi.  Almost every sailing trip we find a little gecko or lizard that was caught on the boat with us for the ride.  They usually make it back to shore with us and the kids are always excited to find them.  Hopefully we have many more fun voyages this year.

3 Replies to “FIRST SAIL OF 2011 : LAIE BAY HAWAII”

  1. I saw your car on Laie Bay yesterday and I was hoping that this was going on! Yaaay. The video is adorable. You are a lucky guy to have Patria as your first mate. (No pun intended but what the heck, it’s a cute pun.)

    I am so jealous that you can play and post a video all in one day. When I grow up I want to be YOU!

  2. Oh, yay! This post made me happy! And Patria would be the best sassy sailor ever! Awesome.

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