This last week has been very special for the LDS community in Hawaii.  We were visited by a Prophet of God, Thomas S. Monson, for the rededication of the Laie Hawaii Temple.  Before it was rededicated (it was first dedicated in 1919), over 45,000 people toured the temple in the few weeks it was open to the public.

I was asked by the Temple Historical Committee to document the cultural celebration event which happened the night before the dedication.  With the press pass I was able to get up close to the Prophet.   The cultural celebration was put on by hundreds of youth from all over Hawaii.  It was an amazing performance.  I have to say that I believe Hawaii has the most beautiful and talented youth in the world!  (The youth leaders are amazing as well).  Hailing from nations all over the Pacific and Hawaii, the singing and dancing and storytelling and spirit were incredible.

The picture of the Temple was taken today during the dedication.


  1. Ok I love your picture of the temple. Is there any way I could order a print from you? much mahalos for your beautiful documention of the event! I’m so glad its finnally dedicated again. I can’t wait to go back inside!
    -Kirstin Latu

  2. I am so glad you were chosen as the photographer and I’m so glad you posted these. they brought tears to my eyes. beautiful!

  3. Nice job Mark. I’m so sad I didn’t go. It looks like it was amazing. Thanks for the quick glimpse into it. And yes, love the picture of temple.

  4. beautiful….simply beautiful…what a wonderful experience. So glad you were the photographer, very nice!

  5. Mark,
    Once again your photos are choice. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. My heart yearns to return to Laie to attend the temple there. You are a blessing to all those who were not able to attend. I am so grateful for you and all the Lord has done for each of us.

  6. Mark, you are fantastic & super talented. LOVE your photos. Thank you for sharing your art!

  7. Mark-
    Wonderful pictures of a beautiful place and a beautiful people. You have such a talent. Mahalo for sharing.

  8. They are all sooooo beautiful! You are soooo talented! What a blessing you are to all of us just by sharing your talents! Mahalo much!

  9. hoping you check this often… lol.. wondering if I can buy a copy of the prophet and / or temple. How much and how long to get it? just wondering .. christmas 🙂

  10. Hey,
    Saw you featured over on D-Town and came to take a look. It was fun to see the Hawaii Temple when I got here. Looks like it was a wonderful dedication. Great captures and wonderful work on your site.

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