I have just converted to using a Mac.  For the last 5+ years I have been doing all my editing on a HP, I always thought I was getting more computer for less money.  Well I broke down and got the Mac Pro the power house of apple machines, and I love it.  It is way more ingenuitive and faster than windows.  There’s that saying ” time is money”, and I can’t help not to think of the seconds that turned into minutes that turned into hours spent waiting for Raw files to process or for photoshop actions to finish. So my tip today is to buy the fastest computer you can, unless you love sitting in front of your computer waiting.  I’d much rather be out shooting, playing with my kids, or surfing.

Just a little something extra, if you like the Polaroid look in the last post, you can down load the border for free here.  It does’t give you much control but it is fun to play with. Enjoy.macpro

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