As I started to edit these photos of “The LIttle Mermaid”,  My daughter looked over my shoulder and said “Oh daddy! Do you mean there are mermaids in this island? Were they nice? Oh they are so beautiful! I want to be a mermaid”.  I never had the heart to tell her they weren’t real.

Children’s Theatre of Oahu (CTO) approached me about taking some underwater pictures of mermaids to advertise their production of “The Little Mermaid”.  The video I included is a behind the scenes look at our underwater shoot.  The girls did a great job in the water even though it wasn’t the calmest of conditions. The dancer playing Ariel had some serious diving skills, she would go down and then just calmly cruise along the ocean floor. Have to thank the Makeup artists Karlotta Carvalho,and Vasi Wolfgramm for the great job they did. Go support this fun production of CTO’s  “The little Mermaid”.   For more information here is a link to their site.

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This last week, I got a little Holladay Photo shout out on D-Town tv.  You can see the episode here.  They mention Holladay Photo at the end of the show about minute 18.   D-Town tv is a weekly show for DSLR photographers put on by Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski.  They have tons of amazing tips on cameras, lighting, workflow, lightroom, photoshop, and how to bring it all together to create great images. Whether an amateur or pro photographer this is a great place to learn how to be a better photographer.  I also recommend checking out Scott’s blog,  I first learned of Scott 6 years ago when I started shooting digital.  This guy is a good teacher, have fun checking out his blog.  Thanks guys for sharing your knowledge!


I have just converted to using a Mac.  For the last 5+ years I have been doing all my editing on a HP, I always thought I was getting more computer for less money.  Well I broke down and got the Mac Pro the power house of apple machines, and I love it.  It is way more ingenuitive and faster than windows.  There’s that saying ” time is money”, and I can’t help not to think of the seconds that turned into minutes that turned into hours spent waiting for Raw files to process or for photoshop actions to finish. So my tip today is to buy the fastest computer you can, unless you love sitting in front of your computer waiting.  I’d much rather be out shooting, playing with my kids, or surfing.

Just a little something extra, if you like the Polaroid look in the last post, you can down load the border for free here.  It does’t give you much control but it is fun to play with. Enjoy.macpro


Lately I have been asked if I offer any workshops or photography classes.  Currently I don’t.  Most of  my work time is spent shooting or editing, but I do love to share the different techniques and skills I have learned  that have made my job easier and more fun.   I have decided to start posting a photo tip a couple times a month that will include topics like:  lighting, composition, photographing kids, shooting in the water, post processing and the list could go on forever.

Today’s post is about work flow.  One of my biggest mistakes early on as a photographer was  not establishing a good work flow.  If your work flow is intact you can save hours of unnecessary time in front of your computer.  One of the more popular tools on the market for photographers  is Adobe Lightroom.  From importing your images from your card to exporting them to print or online you can do it all in Lightroom.  I have talked with a few photographers that don’t even open Photoshop anymore.   Adobe just released Lightroom 3 Beta, you can learn more about the new Lightroom and download it here.  So my tip today is  go get Lightroom, if you’re interested, and spend a few hours playing around.  It will save you hours in the long run.



This has been a crazy week!  I have not had a second to blog or even think about blogging.  I attended an intense film work shop by Wedding and commercial  photographer Jonathan Canlas.  In the next few weeks I will explain why film and post some images from the workshop as they come back from the lab.  Saturday was the day of shooting families, after 10 fun sessions I was exhausted.  All of the families were beautiful and fantastic, check back at the end of next week to see.  I really don’t like to post without at least one photo.  Here is a shot I took of the Byodo-In Temple, located in the Valley of the Temples.   All day I was shooting with a medium format twin lens reflex camera, but at the end I busted out my digital to get this last picture.