It’s been awhile since my last post.  Step back daily bloggers… my passion for photography has combined with providing people with incredible experiences, captured by my lens.  Let me share with you some of the photo-tourism and destination wedding-photo-shoots that have kept me busy this year.

This year started off full of fun photo shoots with international clients from China, Singapore and Taiwan.  I might need to brush up on some language skills!

I’ve begun collaborating with an amazing, boutique, vintage Hawaii, wedding venue here in the country.  (That’s code for not crowded Waikiki.)  The Wedding Cottage Hawaii.  The idea was to offer brides and couples getting engaged with more than an ordinary photo shoot. Coming soon we are going to offer a variety of different outdoor activities that I can document for clients in an editorial – life style type of shoot.  Some of the activities include beach cruising on the North Shore, Sunset Beach skate path, paddle boarding down a river, kayaking to small islands, horse back riding and cattle wrangling at Gunstock Ranch.  If you’re not a surfer or a skater but want some fun outdoor experience photographed… we’ve got options.  If you do want that skate or surf experience, talk to the Event Directors at The Wedding Cottage and they can customize this, along with their lodging options.  We can document highlights of your vacation and you’ll go home with images and memories that you’ll never forget.  Who wants to be next?

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Photographing this engagement session reminded me in a big way how amazingly beautiful Hawaii is.  I drive on this coastline everyday and while I like to think I don’t take it for granted, I can always appreciate it more.  On this day the sky was bright with blue and the water was crystal clear.  Definitely a fun session for this newly married couple, she just  graduated from BYUH and he flew to Hawaii from Hong Kong after a very long separation from each other.engagement photographer (1) engagement photographer (2) engagement photographer (3) engagement photographer (4) engagement photographer (5) engagement photographer (6) engagement photographer (7) engagement photographer (8) engagement photographer (9) engagement photographer (10) engagement photographer (11) engagement photographer (12) engagement photographer (13) engagement photographer (14) engagement photographer (15) engagement photographer (16) engagement photographer (17)


I had such a great time photographing Xyra and Enrique for their engagement pictures.  A week after our shoot Enrique was deployed to Afghanistan for a year.  This is his 3rd deployment.  I don’t know how they do it being apart, but you can totally see the chemistry when they are together.


Had a great time photographing Traci and Adam.  We started off in Haleiwa and worked our way down the North Shore until we made it to Sunset Beach.  I was so excited when they said they wanted to jump off the rock at Waimea Bay, it makes for great pictures in the morning.  Traci’s brides maids happened to be in town during our engagement shoot and came along to help out, they even got in the water at the end.  I look forward to shooting Traci and Adam’s wedding at Waimea Valley in December.  Congratulations!


Photographing Kelley and Robs engagement was so much fun.  I knew how much they love the water, and they let me be creative with it.   I asked them to tell you their story to go along with their amazing pictures.

When Robbie and I met, we were fourteen; we actually met the summer before we both made the awkward transition into high school.  Although we both had slight crushes on each other in the beginning, this quickly faded as immature high school relationships typically do.  We were strictly friends throughout high school and when Robbie moved our senior year, we heard about each other often as our family friends and social groups continued to unite our worlds.

When Robbie served his mission in Detroit, I sent him one letter.  Undoubtedly it was his favorite letter received.  Not because it said anything important but because it was written on the back of a page ripped out of Surfer Magazine.  I guess I knew how hard it must have been for him to be so far away from the ocean that had practically raised us both.

As soon as I returned from my mission in Russia this last October, Robbie flew home from BYU-Hawaii for Thanksgiving break.  He made the drive up to Santa Barbara to surf Rincon and casually come pay me a visit.  That trip up the coast changed everything for us.

Since our engagement day, Robbie and I have been excitedly waiting to take our engagement pictures with Mark.  Mark is so fun to work with mostly because of his great epiphanies he envisions with clients.  He’s very good at improvising and building upon what is coming at him through the lens.

One of the most unique features of Mark’s photography is his ability to be in the water with his clients.  For both Robbie and I the water is everything.  His underwater portraits are what made us fall in love with his work.  It is something so unusual that nobody else does and something that we had to have to remember our “young and in love” stage of life.


Congratulations Doug and Becky!  I had a great time photographing this gorgeous couple, and I think these pictures really represent who they are.  We did the shoot in Doug’s backyard, what an amazing place to live in Hawaii.  Doug and I both have hobie cats on this beach and for some of these shoots I was on one catamaran while they were on the other.  It was harder to shoot from a moving boat than I thought.  I love shooting engagement and wedding photographs on, around or in the water.  Thanks Doug and Becky for making my job so fun.