I finally got my film processed from the “Film Is Not Dead” workshop that I attended last November.  The work shop was hosted by film photographer Jonathan Canlas.  He is a destination wedding photographer based in Utah.  The work shop was 4 days and was located in Laie Hawaii.  It was nice I didn’t have to travel too far, just about a block. Jonathan had different models for us to photograph.  I shot mostly with my Mamiya 645 and a twin reflex I borrowed from a fellow workshop attendee.  It was fun shooting film again and to learn from a talented photographer with his own unique style.  The images below are from the workshop and straight from the lab with no digital enhancing.  I recommend this workshop for any wedding photographer, even if you don’t shoot film.

To see details for the next workshop go to Jonathan’s blog at

Some shots of a few other workshop attendees.  Also in town for the workshop was incredible photographer, Seth Smoot (not pictured here) who I knew in New York City- it was extra fun for my wife and I to reconnect with the Smoot’s!  You can check his work out at

I think these two were also attending.

The remainder of the photos below make me think of fun, fresh, simple, carefree Hawaii beach shots.


This fun loving couple from Utah, met in Hawaii and returned with their families to get married.  It was supposed to be a Waimea Valley wedding reception, but a landslide, several days before, changed their plans.  Instead they celebrated at Shark’s Cove Grill, against the wide backdrop of the ocean.  The surf was huge on the north shore, crashing over the coral of Shark’s Cove.  This location allowed for a lot of fun with the surf shops and boutiques.   Shark’s Cove is one of the most breathtaking locations to watch the sunset on the north shore.