This last year I have been working on a project to create maternity and newborn phtography that is very nontraditional.  Jackie’s photoshoot pulled this style off.  In these pictures she is carrying twins.  Jackie does everything with unique style.  Our first stop was a small surf town on the North Shore of Oahu, Haleiwa.  We stoped at Matsimotos Shave Ice and I was joking around and said “Why don’t you ask them if you can make your own shaved ice?”  She walked right over to the counter with her beautiful smile and the rest of the story is in the pictures below.  The next stop was Waimea Bay.  As soon as we walked to the far side of the bay with all our gear, the river mouth opened, and 10 minutes later it was too murky to shoot.  So we packed up and headed to Sunset Beach where it was a bit more windy.   Jackie was a real trooper to get into that cold water, and a big shout out to her husband Chris for helping with all the dive gear.  This is an adventurous couple and we took advantage of that to snap some fun shots.

This first picture reminds me of an Anne Taintor Magnet.