This has been a crazy week!  I have not had a second to blog or even think about blogging.  I attended an intense film work shop by Wedding and commercial  photographer Jonathan Canlas.  In the next few weeks I will explain why film and post some images from the workshop as they come back from the lab.  Saturday was the day of shooting families, after 10 fun sessions I was exhausted.  All of the families were beautiful and fantastic, check back at the end of next week to see.  I really don’t like to post without at least one photo.  Here is a shot I took of the Byodo-In Temple, located in the Valley of the Temples.   All day I was shooting with a medium format twin lens reflex camera, but at the end I busted out my digital to get this last picture.



Today my Mom turns 70, she is very active and doesn’t look or act her age.  As I am keeping this a photography blog I feel justified in this post because my roots in photography come from her.  She is the one that gave me my first medium format camera, an older Mamiya 645, she is also handed down to me my first real lighting setup a novatron power pack with 4 heads.  This was way more lighting power than I knew what to do with at the time, I remember the lights would flicker in the house any time all four heads fired.  I also remember every house we lived in my mom would turn the bathroom into a dark room to process her film,  I can still smell the chemicals.  Thanks mom for your creative inspiration and constant support in helping me become the photographer that I am today. Much Aloha Mark