On Saturday I was able to squeeze in a maternity shoot with Jonna and Dan at Velzy Land on the North Shore.  The ambiance made it a lot of fun,  we had perfect surf to watch as the sun was setting and I think Pacific Vibrations was playing live down the beach.  I look forward to shooting their newborn pictures next month.  Good luck Jonna and Dan!


Living so close to a vacation destination like the North Shore of Oahu I end up shooting several portraits for families who are here on  vacation.  This family used to live here.  The Uries worked in Laie in the 70’s at BYU-Hawaii .  It was interesting to hear them talk about Sam’s Store (when Sam ran it), and the old post office that looked like a log cabin just down the street from Hukilau Beach.  Even though there have been many changes since then, they said it still feels like country. 




Today my Mom turns 70, she is very active and doesn’t look or act her age.  As I am keeping this a photography blog I feel justified in this post because my roots in photography come from her.  She is the one that gave me my first medium format camera, an older Mamiya 645, she is also handed down to me my first real lighting setup a novatron power pack with 4 heads.  This was way more lighting power than I knew what to do with at the time, I remember the lights would flicker in the house any time all four heads fired.  I also remember every house we lived in my mom would turn the bathroom into a dark room to process her film,  I can still smell the chemicals.  Thanks mom for your creative inspiration and constant support in helping me become the photographer that I am today. Much Aloha Mark