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This was a very exciting photo shoot.  First I met Bandy and Steve from Walden Surfboards, and our model Pumehana.  We did all our land shots, starting with Surf and Sea, and then stopping at a few places on the North Shore.  Then we stopped at Chuns reef were I photographed Pumehana and Steve in the water.  After about 20 minutes the lifeguard  started telling the other people in the water to come in.  We didn’t realize any thing was happening until someone yelled SHARK.  We decided we better swim in.

This was my second time shooting for Walden.  Steve Walden has been making boards since 1965.  This shoot was to highlight their Wahine Tie Dye’d boards.  You can see more of them on their site at waldensurfboards.com



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  1. alisa greig

    awesome set mark!!

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