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Went tarp surfing for the first time today.  It is a lot more like the real thing than I thought it would be, just look at Kelleys face as she is pulling out of that fat barrel.   Devin Graham put this together for a video he is producing.  You should check out his You tube page here, he’s amazing.  The video in this clip was taken with my GoPro Hero attached to a wood board I through some wheels on.  The first thing Patria said with she saw this was “your just a big kid”, it was fun though.

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  1. richie

    SOOO FUN! Sweet video!!!!

  2. Dolly

    This is by far the most inspiring thing I have seen you do and you do a ton of inspiring stuff! I don’t know why this takes first place, maybe it’s what Patria said: You’re just a big kid!

  3. That looks WAYYY fun ! Wish i could be there!

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