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It has been a very fun and busy summer for our family here in Hawaii.  In previous posts you have seen some of my work, but I have not had much time to blog as I have been balancing work and family time.  So I thought I would throw up a few shots from our summer fun with a few of our friends and family.  We started the summer with the kids surfing in the T&C grom surf contest in town.  My parents came in July for a couple weeks and we went to the west side and stayed in a little beach cottage.  The kids had a great time surfing and Atticus even got behind the camera and snapped a few shots.  I also got my mom and the kids to help me sew a new board bag for my new long board I shaped.   Patria and the kids got me a foam blank for Fathers Day, you can see some of the shaping photos below.  We also celebrated our 13 year anniversary in town without the kids, thanks to my mom and dad for watching over them.  Finished up the summer with a week of camping, some sailing, and we even laid net and got about 10 fish.  By the end I was definitely ready for school to start so I could get some rest.  Can’t wait till next summer.

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  1. Looks like a great summer so far. Miss you guys!

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