Kailua, Hawaii has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and it is an amazing place to get married.  Congratulations Maile and Kenrik!  This was one of the most fun weddings I’ve been to.  We started off at the home of one of Maile’s good friends, with stylist Marie Rangel.   After a few drinks and getting all dolled up, it was time to head to the Kailua beach for the ceremony.  It was a blustery day in Hawaii, but beautiful. 

After the ceremony,  everyone met up at Maile’s grandma’s house for the reception.   This was truly a fun party, starting off with a band that played Hawaiian music.  Followed with a delicious Itallian bar, cooked on the spot.  After dinner, the reggae band showed up.  Maile and Kenrik cut the cake and had their first dance as newlyweds. 

My daughter looked over my shoulder while I was posting these and this what she said about Maile: “Oooh daddy, she is beautiful.  I want her to come over to our house.”  My daughter is enamored with all the wedding pictures she sees around here.















You know its a good wedding if the cake looks like this at the end 





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  1. This is awesome makes me want to abandon blogger and switch to WordPress. This looks beautiful. The pictures look amazing. But that is no surprise. I~m coming back to Hawaii for christmas. Dinner?

  2. Jen

    These are gorgeous! I love how the bride is barefoot- stunning beach wedding.

  3. Mark – Congrats on the new site. It is beautiful and so are the pictures(as usual). I love the beauty your pictures add to this world.

  4. wow Mark! I am always such a fan of your work…and always very inspired by you. I love how crisp you shots are. They are awesome…I also want to know what fish eye lenz you are using…what millemeter (spelling?). I could stare at your shots all day. It is great how you totally capture the moment and the feeling of the guests.

  5. Aj Smith-Folk

    This site looks unreal. Great work. It just looks stunning. Good luck!

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