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This is what’s left of one of Laie’s landmarks.  I was on my way home from a photo shoot and decided to jump out and snap a shot as this little inn came down.  When I set up my tripod to take some shots, I was surprised when my van was surrounded by 4 cop cars.  I asked what was going on and they said they had received a call that a guy was loading a gun in his van across from Laie Inn.  Either someone mistook my camera for an assault weapon, or someone didn’t want me taking the photos, or someone was playing a practical joke.  I don’t know, but it made for an adventurous photo op.


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  1. Doug Harmon

    Mark Lee
    you are amazing. Lv the photos of rob and kel. I want to tell you how much I appreciate all u do for Rob. He really love all of you. A whole bunch. But seriously thanks for everything. You are one of my favorite people. Give Patria my lv

  2. Kiana Washington

    Love the photo, was surprised myself when I drove by, your pic reminds me of “Are You My Mother” childrens book!

  3. That is an awesome story! And that is a rad photo. I wonder how many roaches and rats ran out of that building as they were demoing it…

  4. I Leger

    That photo is amazing! I was just passing the same spot today thinking I should jump out and take some pics of what use to be my childhood playground! I love the story.. glad i read before i jumped out and tried to take my own pics!

  5. RIP Laie Inn. You know all those roaches went right next door to McDonalds…. or the Alii buffet! Great photo though- you are a master.

  6. MAHALO, Mark, for going the extra mile in taking this absolutely amazing picture of Laie Inn’s last moments.

  7. rad, especially the weapon threat. 😉

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