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Got a few shoots of Isaiah surfing the first swell of the season at Rocky lefts.  For a college professor he can really boost some air.

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  1. Kahi Winget

    Ok, I love your pictures of course but I have to ask a favor, I never got Patria my email so I can still get onto her blog (we were in the middle of moving)and, I need my fix!!! Would you pass on my email and have her add me? kahiwinget@gmail.com.. Thank you so much and thank you for posting your pictures, they give a little taste of home which we love. Give our love to your family. Miss you guys!

  2. nue

    Cool shots, Mark. Not too shabby on Isaiah’s part either…nah. Nice to see him rippin it. Looks like good fun.

  3. Jerrie Lee

    Love your pictures. It keeps us in touch with you. We love Patria’s blog also. It’s great to know how the kids are doing. We are exprcting snow tonight. We’ve been buttoning down the hatches. Moving all the outside furniture under cover.


  4. Jesse Price

    Ripping. That first one is a pure power.

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