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A few months back I shot some commercial photos for Infinite Soul. The owner Branch Nautu is amazing.  About two weeks ago I started working out  with him, and he is really kicking my trash into shape.  If you are in sports and looking to better your game, or just trying to get into shape, Branch is the man.  He customizes your workout which makes sense since an exercise regimen or class cannot be one size fits all.  He evaluates the whole picture- nutrition, mind, body.  You can find more info about him and his philosophy  at www.myinfinitesoule.com.

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  1. Megan

    Uh, I remember that man from one of Eva’s field trips, and all I could think was: “Holy cow, that man has THE BIGGEST CALVES in the entire world. They are ripped.” You should’ve got a shot of just those. Great shots, Mark.

  2. holy crap! look at branch! dude, if you see that guy anytime soon, tell him jon canlas says HEY! i have not seen him in over a decade.

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