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Happy Holidays!

2012- what a year!  Mahalo for being in our life, in one way or another.

We’ve only done a holiday card twice in our 14 years married.  Earlier this year, our family was out in the ocean and found ourselves on a couple of boards on the same wave.  It sparked the idea to try and all get on the same board to catch a wave for a family photo.  Some friends agreed to shoot the camera from the beach and luckily we were able to ride the first wave we caught and get the family shot.  I ordered some holiday cards to be printed and on the day they were supposed to be delivered, I left a sign for UPS to put them on the fence rather than throwing them over the fence because of  a couple of previous mishaps when our dog got to a package before us.  When I got home and walked in the gate, I was greeted by cards and envelopes scattered all over the yard.  Many were not salvageable and some were in better shape than others, but most all of them had been marked in some way.   UPS hadn’t seen my sign tucked in the wreath on the gate and Quimby was hiding in the yard because she knew she had been naughty.  We were disappointed but had to laugh at Quimby’s signature adding character to our card.

Sending love and best wishes for the upcoming year!!!tandem surfing 4 christmas photo 1 tandem surfing 3 tandem surfing 5 tandem surfing 4 tandem surfing 8

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  1. Leilani

    I love it! What a beautiful family, and such fun photographs of you four.