No, my birthday wasn’t recent, it was in September, but I just got my present.  A new surfboard.  It took about 2 months from the time I ordered the blank to have it shaped and glassed.  I am not one to ride just either short boards or longboards, I love to ride all kinds of boards.  I knew exactly what I wanted shaped, so I asked local shaper, Chuck Andrus, to carve out the blank and had Ed Surfoss glass it.  I had Chuck put a step in the tail and deck, spoon out the nose and keep just a little “rocker.” I was trying to re-create a board circa 1969. The picture below is of Ed glassing the bottom of the board with a brick red tint.  It took me awhile, but I found the fabric in-lay at Kaimuki Dry Good’s in town for the deck patch, and had Ed outline everything with white pinlines.  I took this board out last week and loved it.  Thanks Patria.

Stay tuned for pictures from my trip to the Big Island with Halau Nalu. 


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