I finally got my film processed from the “Film Is Not Dead” workshop that I attended last November.  The work shop was hosted by film photographer Jonathan Canlas.  He is a destination wedding photographer based in Utah.  The work shop was 4 days and was located in Laie Hawaii.  It was nice I didn’t have to travel too far, just about a block. Jonathan had different models for us to photograph.  I shot mostly with my Mamiya 645 and a twin reflex I borrowed from a fellow workshop attendee.  It was fun shooting film again and to learn from a talented photographer with his own unique style.  The images below are from the workshop and straight from the lab with no digital enhancing.  I recommend this workshop for any wedding photographer, even if you don’t shoot film.

To see details for the next workshop go to Jonathan’s blog at

Some shots of a few other workshop attendees.  Also in town for the workshop was incredible photographer, Seth Smoot (not pictured here) who I knew in New York City- it was extra fun for my wife and I to reconnect with the Smoot’s!  You can check his work out at

I think these two were also attending.

The remainder of the photos below make me think of fun, fresh, simple, carefree Hawaii beach shots.

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