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Fitting for Father’s Day weekend, I’m a proud papa today.  For the last two years we’ve been a Punana Leo ‘Ohana, meaning that our kids have been in the Punana Leo Hawaiian Immersion preschool program.  It’s been an incredible experience for our family.  Ruby graduated from the preschool last year and today Atticus graduated after two years in the program.  Here are only a few photos and some video of our kids speaking Hawaiian (and a clip of my wife even though she will cringe.  We are full of admiration and respect for the kumu who taught our kids so much.  We also have so much love for the other children and families in the program.  We feel lucky to know them all and call them friends.  The decision to give our kids the opportunity to learn Hawaiian may not be understood by all but we call Hawaii home and Hawaii would not be Hawaii without the home language and culture and the culture and language cannot be separated.  Allowing our kids to learn about these things without the filter of our haole interpretation has been one of the best decisions we’ve made.  We have so much more learning to do but the last two years have been life altering.

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  1. Kelley Pike

    what a gorgeous family. we miss you guys too much.

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