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Congratulations Jonna and Dan!  One of the best parts about being a photographer is that I am mostly working with people who are in a happy time in their lives whether it is getting married or having a baby.  Jonna and Dan have a blog that says:

“We are a small family who live on a small island, in a small town, in a small house…. this is our blog mainly about our small child… “

This is just one family that I have recently phtotographed who is living their dreams and making it in Hawaii.  Check out their happy little blog here.

Check out all the pictures from their shoot here.

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  1. Jonna

    I love love love them! Thanks so much Mark! They are AMAZING

  2. Simply stunning photography happy family! I look at them and crying! So cute and exciting!

  3. I’m in love with these. Love the natural vibe to the all.

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