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As it is getting that time of year that brides are plaining their weddings I decided to ask  wedding dress and veil designer Summer Spence of Beyond the Veil to be a guest  blogger. I have added a few photographs  from our photo shoot at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.  Without further ado here is Summer.

Wedding day scenario:

It’s finally here… your big day.  Your closest friends and family members hustle and bustle in and out of your hotel room with the last minute details as you and your bridesmaids get ready.  One by one the bridesmaids get their hair and makeup done, then last but of course not least, you, the woman about to say “I do” is in the hot seat.  You are calm but excited as the extremely talented photographer (most likely Mark 🙂 is zeroing in on your lips as the makeup artist lines them to perfection.  MOB is helping you with your jewelry as your MOH checks to see if you like the corsages that the florist just dropped off.  Bridesmaids are returning back to your room dressed in their beautiful dresses with smiles on their faces ( because you let them choose the bridesmaids’ dress).

Hair and makeup done, now this is it, the moment when you get to slip into your gown.  Mom follows you into your room to help with buttons, zippers, ribbons etc.  You are beginning to feel like the bride as you look at yourself in the mirror all dressed in white.  Bridesmaids begin to filter into the room, because you need more help tucking and buttoning.  A few minutes pass as everyone marvels at how gorgeous you look.  AND NOW, it’s the moment when everyone is grabbing their cameras and standing anxiously along side Mark shooting away as I put the veil on your head.  It is such an exciting moment, because this is the moment… you become the BRIDE!

I have lived this day over a hundred times, and the veiling of the bride is always the most exciting moment short of the ceremony itself.  Recently, the style of the veil and/or headdress have begun to shift.  I saw it coming about eight years ago when brides stopped wearing anything in their hair, because of the lack of options on the market.  As a hairdresser specializing in weddings, I was sad to see this happen.  I knew I needed to fill this gap, and create something new and unique.  The veil and headdress finish the look of the bride… it says, ” I AM THE BRIDE.”  The gown is like a beautiful painting, and the veil is the frame.  Not all frames match every painting.  It has to complement and enhance the painting.  I have designed headdresses that are soft and feminine.  I try to emulate the 20’s and 30’s styles.  The women of those days knew how to exude beauty with so much class.  They didn’t need show much skin, because the lines and fabric of the clothing and headdresses excentuated their beauty.  Along with my line of veils and headdresses, I am now designing wedding gowns that cover more skin, while allowing the fabric and design to enhance, soften and exude femininity.

Mark has posted some of our recent shoot together and I believe he will post more soon, if not today.  The photos that he posts are of my veils and headdress only, but I have included a sketch of one of my modest gowns in my upcoming line.  Hope you like them!   Thanks Mark:)

Summer Spence

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