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This is where my heart is and will always be.  I love a lot of things.   I love the ocean, I love where we live,  I love all the good people we are around every day, I love to surf and I love to take pictures.  But there is  nothing I love more than Patria, Ruby, and Atticus.  They bring me the greatest joy and happiness.  Happy Valentine’s Day.

These photos were taken in about 5 minutes  before church yesterday.

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  1. Patria

    Thanks sweetie! This made my day. We are so lucky to have you. I love you!! Happy Valentines Day

  2. ashley m


  3. Cimbria

    You have a beautiful family and your daughter looks so much like you! Guess what, we are getting stationed in Hawaii so we are so excited to have such an amazing photographer lined up already! 😉 Great photos as usual.

  4. Marcus & Anela

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. Hauoli la puuwai!

  5. You have a beautiful family, what’s not to love?

  6. michelle

    Beautiful family! They are lucky to have you as their dad! 🙂

  7. Charles

    I’m so proud of Atticus. He made a cool lego!

  8. Dolly

    You are the best role model for my high school senior who is into photography and surfing and Hawaii. Thanks for being so cool!

  9. Your family is so gorgeous. Your kids are cute as buttons and your wife is simply beautiful. I love the colors and your style. amazing wok.

  10. Kristen

    Atticus is growing up! So handsome! And, as always, Patria is stunning. Ruby you are a gem!

  11. Becky (mum)

    I love your work, you have such a natural gift with your eyes and the camera! Can we do a foto shoot when we come for a visit soon?
    becky (mum)

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