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When I am shooting in the studio I frequently use roles of seamless paper (140″ X 50″) for backdrops.  I was on the tail end of a roll with only about 6 feet left,  so the kids and I decided to make a boat and play pirate ship.  I often make little boats for the kids out of scrap paper laying around, so it was fun to make one that they could play in.   We ended up going all the way with hats, capes, eye patches, and swords/ paddles/ telescopes out of the tubing.  Check out Ruby’s hat, she insisted in decorating it with hearts.

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  1. Mike Meza

    Totally fun. Looks like you guys are having a good time. It’s 52 degrees here today and on and off sprinkling.

  2. this is so awesome. enzo would love this.

  3. LIlia Tollefsen

    so much fun! what a good Mommy and Daddy

  4. Jesse Price

    This is so happy! Thanks Mark!

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